stress services cardiffThe Stress Control Programme (SCP)

Introducing the Stress Control Programme (SCP) with the aim to help prevent and lower absence of employees to the ever increasing statistical figures arising directly and indirectly from stress, anxiety and depression.

A hugely successful training programme designed and delivered inn house to various groups and organisations as a result of many years of personal experience working directly in the field of therapeutic energy.

‘A happier, healthier workforce provides and proves better working results’


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Often there are complex reasons why people are absent from work involving multiple factors together with overload of stress. Capable employees can often find themselves feeling unusually powerless, frustrated, disappointed and in a seemingly helpless position. Many will have experienced a negative impact on their physical and/or mental health. As a result, confidence and self-esteem are often affected together with disturbed or irregular sleep patterns, the formation of poor habits and possible disconnection of themselves and from others.